NY Times: What Happened at the Bronx Fire

At least 12 people were killed when a fire rushed through a five-story apartment building in the Bronx on Thursday night, New York City officials said. Four of the dead were children.

The fire was caused by a 3-year-old boy playing with the knobs on a stove, city officials said. His mother ran out of the first-floor apartment with her two children, leaving the door open. The fire shot out of the kitchen and up the stairs, killing people on multiple floors.

The building had six open violations, including one for a broken smoke detector in a first-floor apartment, according to city records. But officials said those issues did not seem to be related to the fire. It was the deadliest fire in the city since an inferno at the Happy Land social club — less than a mile from Thursday’s blaze — killed 87 people in 1990.

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Source: Google Imagery & New York Times, “What Happened at the Bronx Fire” By Sarah Almukhtar, Kenan Davis, andDec. 29, 2017