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The National Fire Escape Association (NFEA) exists to represent the fire escape industry by serving its members and affiliated state and local building, housing inspectors and fire prevention officials. The NFEA members, who are involved in all aspects of a diversified fire escape industry, create jobs for millions of people and contribute significantly to the economic activity and overall safety of their community, the nation and the world. Our members consist of the people that are directly involved in the overall maintenance of fire escapes including: engineers, public safety and code officials, fire protection professionals, management companies, landlords, manufacturers of fire prevention equipment, vendors and painters.

Working in partnership, state and local officials provides superior service to its members and their employees and strives to improve the safety of fire escapes for owners, tenants, employees and fire fighters. To achieve this mission, NFEA concentrates on the following five goals:

  • Standardizing the process of Inspecting Fire Escape Systems
  • Standardizing the process of Repairing, Certifying and/or Load Testing Fire Escape Systems
  • Introduction of Industry Standard Documentation
  • Nationalizing the Certification of Fire Escape Vendors, including: Inspectors, Repair Technicians, Fabricators and Painters
  • The Development and Introduction of a Comprehensive National Fire Escape Code which exists in all three: fire, building and housing code



Making Fire Escapes safe again.


Volunteers needed.  Please contact us for details.

The NFEA is currently in the process of organizing to conform to state and federal guidelines and as such we are not accepting new members at this time.


Disclaimer: The National Fire Escape Association, Fire Escape Services and Fire Escape Engineers are part of the Fire Escape Services Network which is a family-owned group of independent companies. Currently in its infancy, the NFEA is 100% funded and run by the FESG and its owner and CEO, Francisco Meneses. Eventually it will branch off and become its own entity once funding and time allows for its 5013C status to be achieved and membership grows.

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