New Fire Escape Design in the Making: Evacuation Elevators

New Fire Escape Design in the Making: Evacuation Elevators

By Gabe Escapes, National Fire Escape Association™ published November 29, 2017.

With the many advancements in the realm of fire protection, it comes to no surprise that the latest fire and life safety technology comes in the form of evacuation elevators for exterior balconies and stairways complete to grade. For many high-rise buildings, it’s the next big thing. Traditional old fire escapes are a thing of the past, as this new design promises to evacuate occupants at faster rates than ever before due to its design.

While still in its early stages of development, the evacuation elevator continues to receive international praise by many concerned stakeholders who in essence hope to one day be able to install them at many of the high-rise buildings they manage across the globe.

Developed by a Korean company called Negiro, the evacuation elevator is designed for use for fires or other natural disasters where rapid escapes are critical for occupant safety and survival. Technically, when stairwells are unavailable or unsuitable for use during an emergency, occupants and patrons will have another shot to save their life as a new option to escape and reach safety has been developed.

So what exactly is the difference between fire escapes and evacuation elevators? While, being uniquely similar, traditional fire escapes are typically constructed with materials that are meant to stay in fixed positions for its entire lifespan as to guarantee structural integrity and stability when used with the exception of cantilevers and accordion ladders. This new design in the other hand, is powered by hydraulics and designed to work under power outages if needed.

Source: Cheddar & Nerigo Company