Rusty fire escapes could get upgrade in Iowa town

Rusty fire escapes could get upgrade in one eastern Iowa town


By Katie Wiedemann, KCRG-TV9 |

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) — Property owners in Dubuque can get some financial help upgrading aging fire escapes. The city council approved that funding Monday night.

A state law passed in 2015 requires an engineer to inspect all fire escapes at least once every five years.

In Dubuque, there are about 60 buildings with fire escapes, and many of them are as old as the building itself. A third party engineering inspector will check each fire escape for rust and to make sure they are properly anchored to the building.

“For life safety purposes, really it’s our duty to go out to make sure these places are safe because it could be a disaster in times of emergency,” Rick Steines, Dubuque Fire Chief, said.

Dubuque will give a building owner up to five thousand dollars to repair or replace the fire escape.