‘potentially catastrophic’ conditions at apartment building

DA looking into ‘potentially catastrophic’ conditions at apartment building


The Allegheny County district attorney’s office is looking into conditions inside of a Wilmerding apartment building.
Vincent Coury, a tenant of Faller Apartments, said he has a crack in the gas line to his stove, a hole in his ceiling and cockroaches.
“Throw us out,” Coury said. “That’s what they want to do because the building is not safe.”
Outside the building, a fire escape has steps missing and there are dozens of other code violations.
In a statement, District Attorney Stephen Zappala said he “is very concerned about the safety of the residents living in that building, and right now we’re considering our options with respect to holding the landlord responsible for conditions that are potentially catastrophic.”
Coury, who has lived in the building for about six months, said he may be forced to move soon.